the little r12.1.3 tuning and troubleshooting guide (Soft Cover)

 Are you upgrading to R12.1.3?


As more customers tackle the Release 12.1.3 upgrade, finding additional ways to minimize upgrade time has become a key goal. Reducing the time to upgrade has several benefits:

1. The faster the upgrade hardware, the more iterations can be run in a shorter period of time, resulting in a lower cost and shorter project duration.

2. Less time to do the actual upgrade means more time to test it during the production rollout.

3. A faster upgrade reduces the exhaustion factor for key players, making them less likely to make mistakes and better able to think through workarounds if there are issues.

4. If there is a problem that requires rolling back, the sooner you find it, the more time you have to do a careful recovery.


This book hones in on key ways to tune your upgrade and has the benefit of improving overall performance of your E-Business Suite environment after the upgrade as well. Learn about the benefits of Solid State Drives, Automatic Storage Management, and a hardware architecture suited to the E-Business Suite workload. Most importantly, you'll learn about tuning I/O and CPU utilization for R12 systems.

Based on TruTek's experience gained by repeatedly upgrading test environments for our clients, upgrade training classes, and client production upgrades, we've included solutions for problems that we've seen along the way.


A Little Help From My Friends

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends 
Mmmm, I get high with a little help from my friends 
Mmmm, I'm gonna try with a little help from my friends
 - From "With A Little Help From My Friends", Lennon and McCartney

One of the great highs about the software business…I make a ton of friends.  And those friends are really, really smart.  Most far smarter than me.  And those far smarter friends are very generous in sharing what they know.

Case in point; a swell little package showed up in the mail last week.  Pal Mike Swing at TruTek sent me a complimentary copy of his latest book:  "The Little R12.1.3 Tuning and Troubleshooting Guide".  Written for Oracle E-Business users, Mike's book hones in on performance tips and common issues/solutions for an EBS 12.1.3 upgrade.

Love the way this book is laid out…light on fluff, heavy on usable content.  Mike works through all the administrative and introductory stuff (Table of Contents, Preface, Copyright, etc.) in the first 14 pages.  Then he dives straight into the meat:  31 snippets of content on 31 basic performance tips related to your 12.1.3 upgrade.  My personal favorite is Tip #16 on understanding CPU and I/O Utilization.  I grapple with CPU and I/O performance issues - a lot!  Years of blood, sweat and tears.  Mike pretty well lays it out in nine pages.  Really? How can anybody explain this stuff in nine pages??? Mike not only does it, but I personally learned a boatload by reading it.

Once Mike wraps up with the performance tips, he adds on an added bonus:  troubleshooting tips for the 24 most common technical issues encountered in a 12.1.3 upgrade.  How to recognize those issues, how to troubleshoot to determine root cause, and what to do about the root cause after you've identified it.

I'll be bugging Mike for a PDF version of this book, as I want it in my iPad reference materials.

Love it when I get a little help from my friends.  You can find out more about Mike's book here.

Performance Tips and Troubleshooting Techniques


Performance Tuning Tips


Troubleshooting Techniques

the little r12.1.3 tuning and troubleshooting guide (Soft Cover)
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